Boiler ends & End caps

Our business concept consists of manufacturing and marketing non pressure cisterns, boiler ends and end caps along with other semi-manufactured products.

Ekdahls Plåtindustri AB is located in Röstånga, a small village in southern Sweden.

The business was established in 1920 with sheet-metal and iron as the primary raw material.In the 1940´s the Company started to manufacture tin containers such as expansion cisterns and after World War II oil tanks.

In the mid 1950´s, Ekdahls began producing boiler ends and end caps with a belt driven mechanical press – a significant contrast to present day hydraulic presses.

Highest quality

We make every effort in maintaining the highest quality, and pride ourselves in timely delivery. By being flexible Ekdahls also manage to match any specific requirements our customers may have.

Ekdahls products are basically marketed in Sweden and the other Nordic countries. A major part of the goods are also shipped to other parts of the world after having been further developed by our Nordic customers.

Reliable supplier

The Company has earned a high reputation as a most reliable supplier and our expertise with production of cistern, boiler ends and end caps give us a substantial market share. Our skilled staff along with our efficient equipment and machinery enable us to produce high quality goods, facilitating our stainless products to leave the production without scratches and pressure lines. The time required on grinding and polishing is therefore greatly reduced.

Contact us

Ekdahls Plåtindustri AB
Bangårdsgatan 12
SE-268 68 Röstånga

Tel. +46 (0)435 – 913 00
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